If you think this is a simple, puzzle based pixelart platformer, YOU ARE WRONG!

Do you wish you had a girlfriend? Are you the nerd that sees women only on the TV screen?  Despair no more! With this amazing 'almost' realistic dating simulator you will have the chance to take woman of your dreams on a romantic date! 

The simulation includes: 

  • Several occasions to take your loved one for a picnic
  • Opportunity to prove yourself by overcoming realistic, relationship related challenges!
  • Throwing a rock and pushing a button
  • And what makes it even better than real life dating - ability to restart every level if you fail spectacularly! The app collects NO DATA and that means you can fail as many times as you please and do not be ashamed! 

Major Jam 2

This game is an entry for a Major Jam 2. The theme of the jam was LOVE and required limitation was a maximum size of full spritesheet (all the graphics within tha game) within 128x128 pixels.

All the game's graphics (besides text) is in this spritesheet: 

I am more than happy to finish this game as this is my first complete game created in Unity engine.

How to play


In order to pass level both characters have to reach the picnic place. 


Arrow keys - walking

- picking up/putting down items

X/Up Arrow Key - jump

R - restart level

Currently there is no controller support.

Disappointing disclaimer 

This game is save for children and adults (both single and married). It is completely non-violent and nudity-free.


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Love that game! Very enjoyable one :) 

Thank you!