SheepFly is a simple catapult/slingshot game in which your goal is to fire yourself (a cute, little sheep) as far as possible. The game features several gear improvements and single use powers that are available for you in the shop! 

This game contains quite a few bugs as it is Game Jam entry. There is also distance limit. The game finishes after reaching 40000m as this is where Sheep Princess is waiting for you! 


Sounds:  Kenney

Music: BenSound

Everything else: Xiris


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So I only played this for a couple of minutes, bought the first set of upgrades, accidentally managed to get my sheep to go backwards for about 1000 or so meters and on the next try I went into space, then broke the speed of light and glitched out of the level until I reached the goal of... 40022.55m? I feel both guilty for breaking the game and somehow proud of achieving it all at once.

I am so sorry for creating such a buggy monster :D. I hope that besides all the issues you had at least a little bit of fun! :) As always there is "improvement plan", I hope one to find a bit of time one day to fix at least some issues in all the games I made so far :D.

Oh, it was plenty fun! It felt like the game decided that it had enough of ME, rather than the other way around. Would love to see how it (along with all of your games, really) develops in the future. :) Keep it up!

I liked your game so much! Such a cool idea! :)

Thank you so much! It is early prototype. I hope to find time to develop it further in the future :)

Haha- despite the bugs, it was still fun to play. I liked the cooky sensibility :)

Thank you so much! I am very happy you enjoyed it! :)