What is happening to Elengrad?

Hello Guys, 

thank you so much for all the support given! I am so happy to see that  after so much time the game it is still played daily.

From time to time I am receiving a question regarding version 1.0. I feel I should let you know how the situation looks like and what it means for the future of the project. 

As you probably know the game was developed for Game Jam and I used for it Construct 2. Construct is amazing tool, especially for small games and quick prototyping. I found out however that even though I tried to keep all the "code" (in fact conditions and actions as there is no coding) well organized the project became unmanageable. 

I had been asked to prepare a version of the game for SmartTV. The changes required were minimal as they generally circulated around modifying key codes + adding one small change (closing chest in the village with the "action key" instead of "escape"). In normal conditions implementing them should not take more than one hour. It took much more. 

That means that any complex changes - like modifying actual game logic, adding features etc. is much more difficult than I expected (I don't want to use the wordbut - almost impossible). It doesn't mean that the project is abandoned - quite the opposite. I decided to completely move the project to Unity. This has several consequences:

  • It will take much more time as I am not as familiar with Unity as I am with Construct. 
  • It is not simply "adding elements" to the game but redoing it from the scratch. 

But also:

  • I will be able to re-implement all the elements that did not work in the game. 

I decided that much better way to approach it will be to create several simpler games containing all elements needed for Elengrad (platform movement, dialogue system, equipment management, quest tracking, saving, enemies and many more). This way I will learn Unity + prepare some assets that I will be able to use when re-designing and re-implementing Elengrad.

I am sorry but this means that the project for longer time will be on hold. 


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Good job! 

It is very exciting to play this game!
Best of luck to finish this!  :)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the support :)

Awesome stuff dude, and best of luck to you! I'm looking forward to the remake!

Thank you so much! By the way I am soooo impressed by the game you have developed for this metroidvania jam! :) It is just amazing! Good job!