Delay of the v.1.0

Hey Everyone, 

Thank you so much for remembering about me! 

Over last few days I received several messages from people asking about the version 1.0 of the game. You cannot even imagine how much it means for me to know that there are people waiting for it! :) 

My apologies for complete lack of the announcements - this is completely my fault and I should not be neglecting you like that.  I am sorry.

Unfortunately I need to postpone all of my hobby project for a while.  I am working full time as a architect/developer in a large consulting firm. Recently I've been involved in a massive project in banking sector and my responsibilities there are growing each day. It is not as cool project as making games for you, however because it is my professional life - I need to give it extra care and make sure every single detail is top notch.

My workload will hopefully decrease over time and within few weeks I will be able to start making games for you again! :)

I love you guys and I hope you forgive me the delay!

Kind regards,


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