Major Update v. 0.93

Hello Guys,

I would like to start with huge


Thank you so much for your time and support! The game turned out to be a huge success. This literally almost blew my mind up. I am very proud of myself but also feel obliged to provide you best experience possible. Before I list the changes that come with the update I would like to share with you some statistics.

As I am writing this post the game: 

  • Was viewed 3791 times.
  • Was played 2684 times.
  • WON the 5th Metroidvania Game Jam.
  • Was 2nd Community Choice in the jam.

Besides that the Instagram Page got 114 followers!

Once again thank you for all you support! I couldn't imagine better reception. I promise you to do my best to provide you amazing experience. I hope that together we will make Elengrad even better game. 

What's NEW in 0.93?

  1. Mobile control - the game is fully playable on mobile. It had been tested on variety of devices. Please remember the game was not designed with mobile devices in mind - that means it is slightly less convenient to play the game on mobile rather than on PC. The fingers may cover the character sometimes. This happens when the hero is close to the level edge. Currently Beta Testers did not report any other issues! :)
  2. Mechanics Adjustments
    1. The campfire heals the player completely on game save
    2. Shorter healing time when standing next to the fire
    3. Wasps have completely different moving pattern
    4. Knockback for all types of moving enemies
  3. Gameplay Enhancements
    1. One extra campfire in the Dark Hills region
    2.  Minor dialogues modifications
    3. Slightly increased goblin archers' shooting speed
  4. Bug fixes
    1. You cannot spawn multiple Good Drink, Drink bottles
    2. Fixed attack when standing next to graves
    3. Fixed issue with enemies getting blocked sometimes when colliding with the wall

When can you expect version 1.0 and what is coming? 

Release deadline: End of October!

What to expect:

  • All existing areas extended 
  • New regions with unique monsters, bosses and items
  • New NPCs and side quests
  • New game mechanics related to new items
  • Secrets! 

The goal is to double the gameplay time and make the game less linear.


Elengrad v. Play in browser
Sep 24, 2019

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