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Awesome all around! Hard but the perfect level of challenge. A few suggestions:

1. For those of us who speed through the dialogue without reading, I appreciate the characters giving a summary of what to do next when you re-talk to them. The only problem was re-talking to the blonde girl, who simply says "I'm on my way!". I did not know that she wanted me to go to the statue :P

2. Archers shoot a bit too fast when you move into their kill radius. I would have a slightly longer delay so that you can jump next to one to attack it without immediately getting hurt. All other enemies seemed fair.

3. Bonfires could stick-out a little more, since they are hard to see and I missed a few.

All in all, great work. Looking forward to more items, weapons, and enemies.

Thank you so much for your amazing feedback! :) I am happy you like the game. The good news is I am in progress of redesigning the core mechanics of the game and I will do my best to take your comments into consideration!

Due to game engine limitation I decided to migrate all the project to Unity. This will take much more time but at the end give much better results! :) 

I'm curious as to why you decided to add a white outline to the all of the character sprites... with that said, the game feels good. Love the music the the art design. Adding this to my collection.

Thank you so much! The white outlines do indicate that you can interact with the item/NPC. This way it is easy to potentially distinguish between NPCs and enemies when they both appear on the level :)

Ok I get it now... makes sense. Really cool game!

Hi Xiris, we would love to have Elengrad on our TV Games Portal Couchplay :) We would send you in return a Smart TV :) How about? Elengrad = KING
And your Game on a Big Screen could be amazing fun 
yo, Vince  

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Awesome! Please feel free to publish/play my game! How can we get in touch? I have some questions :)

Thats realy cool!!  we would just need to keayboard codes changed is this possible, so peapole can play with the remote controll :) should we skype call the next days?  

Hi Xiris, should we call by skype or tel? my skype is: antonio.vince.staybl please add me  : )  happy to chat and your Game looks Amazing on a Smart TV :)  

Hi Xiris, please write me on twitter @staybl ( Couchplay TV ) Thanks :)            

thank ???

Nice try haha! Trolling level 1000 :D.

Sorry no

Fix boss no wft???

Hey, I think I don’t understand the question? :)

Ok :)

fantastic game , last boss was frustratingly hard but got it done !

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Hey! The version 1.0 will have the Luvio boss updated to make him slightly easier :)

Thank you so much for your feedback. I am very happy you liked it!

I have received my redemption!!!!!!! (this really is a bloody great game!)

Amazing! Thank you so much for the videos! I added them as a part of the game description! :)

Thank you! That's awesome!!

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bug report

i can duplicate "good drink drink" if i talk to Gothar multiple times after i pick one up during mission to make goblin king key

i am currently stuck at the luvio quest, every time i enter the west entrance the game crashs

Thank you so much! I will check out both of them. Do you have a chance to provide performance stats when entering the area when game crashes? Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then “performance” tab. I am afraid the zone may use a bit too much RAM or CPU. 

it seems like the game didn't crash, but rather the graphic isn't display properly, only black screen

cpu performance also decreased

>before entering the west entrance

>after entering the west entrance

Could you please do me a favor and try in Edge? This would give me a great perspective. You are not only one experiencing the issue, however I am not able to recreate it on any of my machines :(.

i tried playing new game on two browsers, edge worked fine, but chrome still couldn't display properly

Hats off to you, this looks absolutely stunning, has a good story, good humour, and the gameplay is really good too. I just unfortunately screwed myself right at the end boss so didn't get to finish it :-(

Woah! I had so much fun watching you! Thank you sooooo much for your time and effort! 

And thank you for putting together such a good game, I’m excited to see where it goes from here!!

pretty impressive!

Thank you so much! There is much more to come! Soon I will prepare a roadmap of changes. :)

Fighting with the ghost on the green-torches scene is way too complicated, cannot get past it.

In one of the first updates there will be campfire in the area next to the boss. :) It will be much easier to re-try then!.

At this point My advice is - always take care about torches first. As soon as one of the lights back stop what you are doing and take care about torches again. Let me know when you manage to beat the boss!

Very nice! I had fun playing through it. You were able to tell a nice little story with some fun twists. Graphics are amazing, and music is great as well. Good job!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback :).