Metroidvania Game Jam Entry

For best experience read the instructions and tips before playing! :)

Welcome Agent! Once more we need your help. This time to eliminate a very dangerous individual - a scientist that is trying to develop a WoMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction). A bomb that inflicts the worst of all damages - makes everyone infinitely hungry. You are our only hope. 


Critical bug

Please bear in mind that the contains some bugs, one of them is quite critical. Sometimes after death the player does not respawn. The game is saved after you enter each level - in case the screen goes black and player does not respawn restart game and select "Continue" from menu. 

Which version to play?

If you are Windows user it is recommended that you use the downloable version. Saving is not fully optimised and the game is having quite a lot of sounds which even with good internet connection lags it sometimes. Also when playing the web version it seems some sounds are missing completely. 

Recording the gameplay

I am confirming with Epidemic Sounds if other parties are allowed to record videos of the game with the sound. Until it is fully clarified, if you plan to record a video of the game I recommend toggling the sound off in the game menu to stay claim free. 

In case the Epidemic Sound license is not suitable for recording by third parties I will substitute all the sound with sounds from other, more suitable resources.


[WSAD] - Movement

[Left Mouse Button] - Shooting

[Q] and [E] - Changing weapon (when available)

[R] - Reloading 

[F] - Interacting with environment, picking up items

[TAB] - Using first aid kit (when available)

[M] - Map and time counter


  • Save your ammo as much as possible
  • Check achievements in the menu - this will help you to determine your gameplay style
  • Utilize shadows - when you are hidden you inflict massive damage
  • The peaceful achievement is really hard to get especially if you try to get the careful achievement at the same time
  • Remember there is no pentalty for death so you can also go full berserk! 
  • There are all together 5 weapons. Top 3 weapons are "not that easy to find". Having all of them makes the game significantly easier. 

Further plans

There is currently no major plan to make it full fledged game, however this may change overtime. There will be however some minor improvements to the level design. It is required to facilitate the stealth game element of the game + prevent some enemies from shooting the player just after the level is changed.


Music: Mission Snow by Wendel Scherer

Sound: and free resources 

All the rest: Piotr Xiris Wszyński



  1. Allowing to mute music and all sounds (from game menu)


  1. Fixing critical bug that did not allow to start the game
  2. Increasing boss hp
  3. Increasing time that enemies wait before attacking player


  1. Modifying elevator in Lab Entrance so player cannot get stuck in the shaft. 


  1. Decreasing boss helath
  2. Fixing bug where player was able to go through boss zone without killing him
  3. Simplifying path in the escape route a little bit 
  4. Decreasing number of gas particles


  1. After player death the collision with water will not generate sounds
  2. Player is not able to shoot after dying
  3. Hidden areas are not uncovered when hero is dead and falling down 
  4. HOPEFULLY FIXED THE BLACK SCREEN ISSUE. Wasn't able to replicate the bug after some changes to handling character respawn. Further tests are needed but it looks promising.
Updated 5 days ago
Published 8 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenreAction, Platformer, Shooter
Tags2D, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Stealth
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Agent Pyxel v.1.0.5 26 MB


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Hiiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is really good and interesting.

-The gameplay mechanics are well chosen for what you wanted to achieve and really fit the theme of the jam.

-Visually the game looks quite good and in general feels really enjoyabe.

-The AI of the enemies and some of their behaviours could be polished as they felt strange (ex. you can shoot an enemy and if you hide he instantly forgets about you/some enemies start firing at you when they don't have even see it you once.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Amazing, thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate it. That's true - the AI is one of the things that definitely has to be improved :).

Regarding the video, please bear in mind that you may receive copyright claim from Epidemic Sounds as the music I used unfortunately does not allow for using it in the videos. Next month I will be probably replacing music and sound so this problem won't exist. I mentioned it in the game description. Sorry about problem!

You are welcome ^^

Man this game's fun! One of the best games on to be sure! The boss fight was difficult but once you develop a strategy it's challenging but fun. If it was made into a full version that takes a couple of hours to complete it could make BANK on steam! :D


Awww <3. Thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate it :). I was thinking about abandoning the game after jam but it gets very good feedback to that extend that maybe I will focus on it.


Besides having to refresh the page to play again every time, this game is awesome! (After completing the game and wanting to go for the other achievements I press new game and then I'm met with the game loading without my player)

I have gotten 6/9 achievements. The ones left for me are; Runner, Peaceful, and Careful. The minimalist was super hard I had to spam reload while shooting so that I could rapid fire. I had 8 med packs and still never won so I had to do it without, which finally worked after 18 attempts.

I just signed into my account now so maybe it will save this time. fingers cross 



Also if you wanted to add in an extra achievement to make it 10 you could do "Lights out" where you shoot out all the light bulbs I did it just for fun, and its not that difficult but does require a bit of effort

Thank you for amazing feedback! It really means a lot to me! I am very happy you enjoyed the game enough to play it more than once :). 

I love the idea about the lights out! I will put it in to do list :)

Sad that there is only Windows version :( But love the game!

After the jam finishes I will try to make Mac and Linux exports as wel :). Thank you so much! I am happy you enjoyed it!

Awesome game man! Can't say much more. It's pyxel perfect! It has stealth, nice fluent gameplay, cool music, good sound effects, some adventure style searching. Really, really good!

Thank you <3 I am very happy you enjoyed it!

Wow its so good

Good job!

Wow! Thank you for the opinion <3

I love your game it is pretty fun. Would you mind giving me advice on how to get the password for the locked door in the weapons room. I can't find it for the life of me.


Hey, I am really happy you enjoy the game! The code is somewhere in the same room. And it is more visible than you expect. Look for something hmmm... Really specific and central for this room ;>

(1 edit)

It's a nice game. It reminds me of Rambo.

Edit: Too good for a prototype.

Thank you <3 Happy you enjoyed it!

Great game dev and challenging

Nice to see you enjoying the game! One of the tips on the game page suggest to save the ammo. As you see it is crucial to have enough for the boss fight. Also you haven't found 2 strongest weapons. Don't want to spoil too much but one of them is in "Landing zone" and another in "Weapon Warehouse" :). This would make fighting the boss much easier.

Thank you so much i really appreciate it and  glad you liked it y i wasted so many mid kits before boss fights it would be better to save it i  will give it another shot 

Hey, just confirmed with that due to music licensing you may at certain point receive a copyright claim. I am confirming what's the situation about fx as well.

Y i see i have to remove the game music for now to avoid copyright strikes

Sorry! As soon as I have more information/get music with different license I will let you know :)

Thank you ^^